Israel 2014

We arrived in Tel Aviv–on a saturday ( 🙂 ) and we traveled to a city called Arad. We stayed there for two days. We than had an overnight in Eilat. We spent two days in Jordan. After Jordan we spent one night in Galilee. That concludes where I stayed for the week and the itinerary.

When I arrived it was early morning to my body but afternoon time in Israel. I remember everything being surreal for the first few days and in a way I did not feel I was there. I was mesmerized by everything and everyone. We stayed in this hotel in Arad that was truly a good place to start. I remember meeting my hotel-mate for the trip and excited to be rooming with someone I just met. I love meeting new people. The first night we had an orientation on the trip. The second day we went to many different sites. I swam in the Mediterranean sea. There I got to meet a few new people I never spoke before. These girls I came to like very much. We visited sites that were important due to their significance in the bible. In Eilat we had our first lecture. The person in charge of the whole thing was a person of great Knowledge. I really enjoyed the lectures. Every site he would talk about the site for 15-30 minutes. That night I went on my first ever boardwalk. I also snorkeled in the red sea and our guides name was Sasha. Our group was called the shallow water group. That night I also went to my first Israel mall stocked with Israel brands but also places like MAC. Oh yeah I also had a 13 dollar Mcdonald’s. There was a haunted house called Darkness.  The next day we crossed into Jordan. What a process! We stayed overnight in Wadi Rum. I rode on a camel.I also went on a jeep. We basically stayed in a Bedouin camp. The next night we stayed in Ammon, the capital of Jordan. We did not get there until late so there was little time for sight seeing but we walked around. Our tour guide was a cool cat. Before I forget (hehe) we even went to Petra. It is considered one of the ancient wonders.  Many tourists were there. Jordan may be a different country but it does have significance when it comes t the bible. This trip taught me that. The next night which is Thursday we stayed in the Sea of Galilee.We crossed back into Israel ( what a process!!!!!). We went to this place and learned the old ways of making bread, they had the best bread. We stated At a hotel called O halo Manor, my favorite place during the whole trip.


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