Israel/Jordan week 2 Friday/thurs- next Friday

We arrived in the beautiful Ohalo Manor. And for a week we resided next to the sea of Galilee. Jesus walked on water there! We had Vespers overlooking the area that the sermon on the mount was possible at and the area where Jesus and peter walked on water. The next day we had a jeep trek and stopped at the Jordan river where some people were baptized. The next four days was a day spent half the time doing archeological work and the other part visiting sites. I also made friends with some of the workers at the hotel. I guess I just enjoy learning about people from a world I am not familiar from. The site we dug at mainly was a place thought and still believed to be bethsaida a place where many of the disciples were from and talked about in the bible, other sites we went were nazareth, tiberius, caesarea etc.


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