People: Natives and tourists; meeting single serving people who are more than that

So we also stopped at Ben Yehuda which is considered one of the places to be seen at. Actually we went Saturday night of the last week so it was like June 1st or something. It came alive after Shabot. The only sweater I brought on the trip was a MN wilds sweater and was a huge conversation starter. These two young gents from the lake neighborhoods of Minneapolis struck up a conversation about it with me at O halo manor. .  I mean whatever,  well back to Ben Yehuda, I actually met someone from New Mexico who was in Israel being apart of the military there. He was fire dancing and I was like that’s what I want to do back home. I sort of helped him for like 10 minutes. Actually since i am writing on the topic I seem to meet a lot of people doing that. When I was at the holocaust museum I was telling my friend about how this one military man reminded me of my friend. His name is T and  I was like that guy reminds me of T. The guy was actually an American from New York, there was another guy with him who was an American. Anyways I thought that was neat. At O halo I was talking to this woman who worked there, she was telling me about nightlife in Israel. Apparently pubs are the place to be seen ( I did not go to one)(I just like learning the ‘in’ of each culture). Many birth right people. Also you live is helpful in knowing English( amir, ahmir,emir,). He was one of the people I met in Galilee. He said he was from Tiberius he mentioned a village. He said that is why my English is good. Your English is better than Hebrew for sure I though


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