The Old city :|_great way to end the trip

I went to the Old city four times. Once that last Saturday. We went in five minutes. I was with the two Old Testament professors. Someone mistook us for Mormon’s. I saw/went by every gate. I went to every section. The second time we spent the part of one of the days just going to this one church, we went to the garden right behind it where Jesus was taken to his trial/ what it was. The third time I we were going to different sections and caves. I and three other friends even did hezekias tunnel. which is this forty minute underground tunnel. We spent a whole day around this area. We also ended the day doing bread and grape juice in remembrance of Christ. The last day we had free day which I and my friends decided to spend at the Old City. My friend got a tattoo. I saw the western wall and got to pray there. We spent awhile waiting to go up to the area by the dome of the rock.


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