Baltic Sea Ferry/ Finlandia



Tips, Tricks, and Tacts

  1.  Remember most of the world is on a 24 hour clock so 11:00 Pm is 2300
  2.  Finland’s real pronunciation is Finlandia.
  3. Turku is a small beautiful town, but be aware places close early.
  4. Upgrade for the ferry to have your own room, much more comfortable to sleep but if you are in fact in a very low budget I saw a quite a few people relaxing without a room.
  5.  Don’t forget about northern parts of Scandinavian countries


I had to buy a new flight and stay overnight in Turku and rent a room in a hotel. This happened because I bought the wrong bus tickets and missed a morning flight in Helsinki. Overall I was saved from sleeping out in the cold all night because a nice taxi driver bought me to a cheap hotel and turned off his meter so I only payed 20 euros instead of close to 100 euros trying to find an open room.


One thought on “Baltic Sea Ferry/ Finlandia

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