Berlin in January




Getting to Berlin Bus station in the early frigid morning, I noticed first how much history has been made here. I have always heard of Berlin in the history books but I have never experienced first hand. During my week long visit abroad, Berlin was the city I explored the most. I googled a list of cheap things to do in Berlin. I started the morning off and went to the Jewish museum. Since I have been to the Holocaust Memorial in Israel, I was interested in this museum. It was a somber experience. They had a room full of empty facesĀ  just like in the picture shown. The architecture was beautiful. There was one part of the museum in a zig zag motion. I became more educated in the history of Judaism in Germany because of my visit to this museum. Does anyone else notice that about museums? They educate in a very kinetic motion. I learn best that way ( hands on). I walked around downtown. I was in awe of the way buildings are built here. I had Turkish pizza for dinner, I have a new favorite food! After dinner I headed to where checkpoint charlie is(was). After feeling a bit cold I headed to the bus and waited for my next adventure.





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