Danish Mornings in copenhagen





What a lovely country Denmark is.  I arrived fresh off the bus. It was a long bus trip from Berlin to Copenhagen. We took a ferry. The bus is so much cheaper to take around Europe than the train. I  arrived in front of the Central train station. I had dunkin donuts for breakfast. In my home town there was not a dunkin donuts there at the time. The canal ride was close to two hours. It was a cold but fun way to see what I could of Copenhagen. When people see post cards of Copenhagen they usually see the colorful buildings. They are just as beautiful in person. This city is well put together and clean. In my hometown there use to be danish bakery, my goal was to find a danish bakery. I unfortunately did not see what I wanted in the bakery I went to. The bakery was fun and what I got was good none the less. In the afternoon I headed off to Stockholm via a very cheap flight. If you do not have much time to explore this city, take a canal ride! Seriously its like ten bucks and fun. Arriving via the central station, going to where the canal rides are offered is a ten to fifteen minute walk.  Next stop: Stockholm!


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