Starry nights in Stockholm



Tips for stockholm

  1. They have an airport about 45 minutes away for budget airlines. I flew Ryanair and had to pay close to $20 usd  for a one way ticket for the shuttle (this is not an option, there is no way to  hitch hike in the middle of no where).
  2.  Places close early.
  3. It is very cold in the winter
  4. The roads are very slippery in the winter
  5. It is expensive. Nordic/ Scandinavian countries are some of the most expensive to visit in Europe


There is a reason brands like Canada Goose are very popular here, it is cold. I am from a very cold part of the US called Minnesota, but Sweden is a cold place. I visited the area in front of the Noble prize museum. Stockholm is made up of mini islands. I explored the old town of Stockholm. I visited the palace at least in the front.  In the cold morning I boarded the ferry for the next adventure!


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