Final week of the class of a lifetime.

This was not a vacation, rather just a very expensive class. We didn’t lounge around all day, we hiked a lot, we had to drink lots of water. We had to make sure to wear our hats. The last full week we spent in Jerusalem. We stayed at Yehuda hotel which has to be one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at.  erodium, Bethlehem, and free time, Masada, Ein Feskha, and Dead Sea. We went to the dead sea where I got some dead sea stuff of spa stuff. The dead sea sure was salty. We went to Bethlehem which is palestine territory. This whole palestine/ Israel thing is sure quite something to to go through. On the last monday we spent the day with the lead expert on the dead sea scrolls. During one of the days we spent half a day at the Holocaust museum. This was the most unforgettable museums I been to in my life. Some of the sites are Lachish, Maresha/Beth Guvrin (dig-for-a-day), Elah Valley, Azekah, Gath (Tel es-Safi), and Beth Shemesh. temple Mount, City of David, Davidson Center (Southern Wall Excavations), Jaffa Gate, Gennath Gate, Cardo, and Whol Museum (Herodian Mansions). Yad Vashem, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, St. Anne’s, Via Dolorosa, and Church of the Resurrection. We had many evening lectures along with guest lectures. We had morning lectures (once).


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